Ambassadors Meeting of Member States of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue

13 Sep. 2017

On 13 September 2017, the UAE Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, H.E. Saqr Ghobash, met in Abu Dhabi with the Sri Lankan Minister of Foreign Employment, H.E. Thalatha Athukorale, current Chair of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue in the presence of H.E. Silvestre Bello II, Hon. Secretary of the Philippines’ Department of Labor and Employment. Ambassadors to the UAE from Member States of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue were also invited.

H.E. Saqr Ghobash opened the meeting by affirming the UAE’s support for the Abu Dhabi Dialogue, with particular emphasis on the importance of regional cooperation in the Global Compact for Migration. H.E. Ghobash commended the efforts of the current ADD Chair for their oversight over the Abu Dhabi Dialogue and active efforts to promote engagement and dialogue through the forum.

H.E. Thalatha Athukorale, in her position as current Chair, responded to the points made by H.E. Ghobash, providing the context to the engagement of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue in the Global Compact, beginning with its acknowledgement within the Colombo Declaration, following the 4th Ministerial Consultation of the ADD, held in Colombo, Sri Lanka in January 2017. The Colombo Declaration outlined the ADD agenda for the next two year cycle, focusing on four key tracks aimed at improving labour mobility in the region. H.E. Athukorale reiterated the positive impact and the influential role ADD has played throughout the year’s consultative meetings of the process to develop a Global Compact, and emphasized its recognition by the Co-facilitators of the Global Process.

H.E. Silvestre Bello II, addressed the progressive steps taken within the ADD, especially in the track concerning the CIOP programme (Comprehensive Information and Orientation Programme) and work’s to harmonise efforts of both COO and COD in preparing and effectively empowering workers to combat violations and abuses.

H.E. Ghobash, expressed his highest regard and gratification for the presence of both Ministers, and took the opportunity to congratulate the Philippines and the UAE on signing an MOU regulating Domestic Workers, while also encouraging other countries of origin to follow suit.