Sri Lanka

Join Date: 01 Jan. 2008
Member Type: Sending

Responsible Entities

Ministry of Telecommunication Digital Infrastructure and Foreign Employment


Chair-in-office: 2015 - 2017

Primary Organizations Represented at ADD:

1. Ministry of Telecommunication Digital Infrastructure and Foreign Employment

  • Formulation and implementation of policies, programmes and projects for Foreign Employment industry; Promotion of Foreign Employment Welfare of migrant workers; Regulation and Supervision of Employment Agencies.

2. Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment

  • Licensing of Recruitment Agencies, Registration and Training of Migrant Workers, Complaint Management System, Law Enforcement, Marketing and Research, Migrant Workers Welfare.

On-going Projects:

Certification and Mutual Recognition of Skills

Pairing: Sri Lanka and UAE

Comprehensive Information and Orientation Programmes (CIOP)

Pairing: Sri Lanka and UAE


  • The Government of Sri Lanka has made pre-departure training compulsory for all workers seeking employment in the domestic sector as well as for workers in unskilled, skilled and non-professional work categories.
  • Since 1996, the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) has conducted pre-departure training and orientation programmes. Recently these programmes have been upgraded to include residential and country specific training.
  • The Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE) in partnership with Civil Society Organisations (CSO) and NGOs is conducting pre-employment orientation programmes at grass root levels in order to raise awareness among job seekers of safe and regular migration methods.
  • The National Labour Migration Policy of Sri Lanka (2008) articulates the State’s commitment to ensuring the labour migration process adheres to principles of good governance, protection and empowerment for migrant workers and their families and the linkage of migration and development processes. In complying with the policy, the SLBFE has taken action to establish nine Migrant Resource Centers (MRCs) across nine provinces in Sri Lanka, four of which are currently functioning.  
  • Sri Lanka has paired with the UAE to run the Comprehensive Information and Orientation Programme (CIOP).