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Responsible Entities

Ministry of Manpower


The Ministry of Manpower was established by Royal Decree No. (108/2001), issued on 20/Sha`ban 1422 AH. (6/11/2001).

The Ministry’s vision is to create a regulated and stable labour market with qualified national manpower that actively contributes to support the national economy.

The Ministry’s mission is to regulate the labour market and increase the number of nationals working in the private sector through integrated legislations, laws and services, within a framework of transparency and flexibility.

The Ministry is responsible for the following:

  • Prepare draft laws, which control the labour market and vocational training in the Sultanate.
  • Issue regulations and decisions to implement the aforementioned laws,and in doing so provide protection to the national labour force.
  • Avail any potential opportunities to help develop the capabilities of the national labour force.
  • Build an integrated labour market information system and prepare the national labour force registery with the aim of developing human resources in the country and ensuring their optimal utilization.
  • Apply and monitor the implementation of labour laws and regulations, and provide labour care in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  • Study the private sector's requirements of the expatriate labour force and draft procurement regulations and issue pertinent licenses, in accordance with regulations and decisions in force.
  • Provide vocational technical training to manpower and develop and expand training programs in accordance with the requirements of the Labour market.
  • Develop training curricula according to approved vocational criteria and levels, awarding qualifications, encouraging job training.
  • Follow up with graduates to ensure that they utilize the available job opportunities.
  • Contribute to national efforts aimed at availing vocational guidance programs, raise awareness of the values of work, and encourage the spirit of individual initiatives among citizens.
  • Implement and follow up on all programs relating to the employment of the national workforce and assess its performance in cooperation with relevant authorities.
  • Prepare plans to develop labour methods, upgrade employees’ performance, and develop human resources at the ministry.
  • Represent the Sultanate in local, regional and international conferences, seminars and meetings relating to the labour force and training.


The Ministry has not yet participated in any Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD) pilot projects.