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Responsible Entities

Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security


The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security (MoLESS) is responsible for governing labour administration and the development of policies, such as the regulation of foreign employment. The Ministry aims to create dignified employment opportunities in line with the Constitution of Nepal and in doing so, make foreign employment safe, dignified and well managed.

Both the Government of Nepal and the MoLESS have taken on a variety of leading roles with several organisations and processes. Roles include:

  1. The Government of Nepal is the current Chair of the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC).
  2. MoLESS currently leads the SAARC Technical Committee on Labour Migration.
  3. The Government of Nepal is an active member of the Bali Process.
  4. The Government of Nepal is a Deputy Member of the ILO Governing Body.
  5. MoLESS is the current Chair of the Colombo Process (CP).
  6. Under the leadership of Nepal as CP Chair, the Colombo Process Members States made joint recommendations to the Global Compact on Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM).


The Ministry has not yet participated in any Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD) pilot projects.

Recruitment Regulations

Foreign Employment Act, 2007  and Foreign Employment Regulation, 2008

The Foreign Employment Act and its Rules (2008) governs all matters related to migration for foreign employment for Nepal. The law and its Rules promotes security and welfare of Nepalese labour migrants with the provisions regarding protection to their rights and for the regularizations and monitoring of the businesses that facilitate the migration process. It also sets out rules for recruitment agencies, establishes a bank guarantee system and a welfare fund.

In order to strengthen the existing laws and policies to make foreign employment safe, decent and dignified, amendments were made to the Foreign Employment Rules 2008 on 2011 and Foreign Employment Act 2007 on 2015.

Foreign Employment Policy 2012

The objective of the policy is to provide knowledge and skill based training to Nepalese human resources to develop skilled, empowered and competitive migrant workers as per demand of international market creating safe, organized and respectable environment for foreign employment.

National Strategic Action Plan on Foreign Employment 2015

The strategic action plan on foreign employment was developed to implement the policy, acts, and regulations.