Join Date: 01 Jan. 2008
Member Type: Observer

Responsible Entities

International Organization for Migration (IOM)


Established in 1951, IOM – the UN Migration Agency – is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society. As the leading international organization for migration, IOM addresses every area of migration governance. The IOM Constitution recognizes the link between migration and economic, social and cultural development, and the right of freedom of movement. IOM’s work is guided by the Migration Governance Framework (MIGOF), which sets out the essential elements to support planned and well-managed migration. Its Strategic Vision 2019-2023 is intended to strengthen IOM’s work to contribute to the successful achievement of the MIGOF, the Global Compact on Migration, the Sustainable Development Goals, other regional and global cooperative frameworks in which IOM participates as well as to other important international commitments.  IOM is the Coordinator and the Secretariat of the United Nations Network on Migration.

IOM’s works also in the thematic areas of ADD focus, such as labour mobility, labour migration, fair migrant worker recruitment, migrants’ rights, recognition of skills, vocational training, etc. IOM strives to protect migrant workers and to optimize the benefits of labour migration for both the countries of origin and destination as well as for the migrants themselves.

IOM has been actively engaged with Inter-State Consultation Mechanisms on Migration (ISCMs) since the early 1980s; it provides technical guidance and liaises with all currently active ISCMs. IOM is a member of 4 ISCMs and an Observer to 16 ISCMs, including the ADD.  At the invitation of member States, IOM provides technical secretariat support to 10 ISCMs and administratively hosts another 3. IOM also implements a number of projects in support to various ISCMs. 

IOM has closely engaged with ADD since its inception in 2008 and served as its Secretariat up to 2012, providing technical and expert support. Since 2012 IOM is an ADD Observer and Thematic Expert. IOM contributes to the ADD with its institutional knowledge and experience in the management of temporary labour mobility in Asia; it implements initiatives and programmes contributing to ADD’s work, such as through the Comprehensive Information and Orientation Programme, promoting harmonized orientation for migrant workers across the labour migration cycle.   IOM is also the Technical Secretariat for the Colombo Process, the Member States of which are also ADD Member States.  Of the 18 ADD Member States, 10 are also IOM Member States and 5 are IOM Observer States.